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Jean Greenhowe has produced a series of pattern books for making knitted toys, dolls, and their accessories. These dolls are masterpieces of design and contain an amazing amount of detail. Each doll has a host of accessories such as aprons, hats, flowers etc. If you have never seen a Jean Greenhowe doll, then you have a very pleasant surprise coming.

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These are all knitted using DK weight yarns.

These dolls are wonderful creations which use up a lot of your left over yarns. If you want to use knitting worsted yarn, they will come out a bit larger.

All the following soft cover books are priced at $11.99 (CDN or US)

Playful Puppies. Knitters who are familiar with Jean’s work are aware that she rarely designs animal creatures as they are in the real world. And here are her latest creations – Playful Puppies. Ten adorable puppy knits, five for the boys, five for the girls. All dressed in fanciful costumes - not realistic, but lots of fun! The basic puppy measures 21cm [8¼ in] in height from the soles of the shoes to top of the head, not including the headwear.

We have often been asked for famous heroes – Batman, Spiderman etc but Jean has designed her own Hero and Heroine puppies, Superboy and Supergirl. They venture boldly where no puppies have gone before, ready to amuse knitters and children around the world. They are dressed in colourful outfits and both have capes. Here is Supergirl soaring off the mountain, flying to the rescue!

Jean enjoys making wintry scenes and she produced a lovely snowy set for the Christmas Boy and Girl. These puppies will be wonderful presents for the children’s Christmas stockings as well as seasonal decorations to display each year as family favourites. Why not make your own small scene to display the puppy pair? Jean used cotton wool for the snow and the ‘trees’ are twigs from the garden touched up with white paint for the snow effect. The fallen branches are also painted the same way.

Now for the Jester puppy, entertaining at the Medieval Court where everything in Jean’s splendid set creates the atmosphere. It’s easy to knit and very effective.

There is no doubt that the Fairy puppy will be loved by little girls. Her soft wings can be moved to be close to her shoulders or spread out as if to fly!

The Country Boy and Girl puppies are enjoying the great outdoors. The boy is wearing dungarees and a comfy hat, for a day’s work in the field. The girl wears a pretty mob cap and a white apron, ready to bake delicious apple pies for supper.

The Little Girl puppy is irresistibly cuddlesome and just like the Fairy she will no doubt become a special friend.

The Clown is a lovely friendly character for children, with a sweet expression. He certainly looks as though he’s about to turn somersaults on his ‘stage’ of stripy and spotted material which suggests circus and fun of the fair.

Only 40 grams [1 1/2 ounces] of yarn oddments are required for each puppy and the same amount of stuffing.

Fabulous Fun Knits Numerous knitters have asked Jean to create a mermaid and here she is. With her pretty pink bodice, matching tiara and golden ringlets, who could resist this delightful doll? Mirabelle measures 33cm [13in] from the tail fins to the top of her head, and the fins, tail, body and head are knitted in one piece.

Then there are Roly-Polys. These are balance toys that won’t ‘lie down’ and they have been manufactured for centuries in countries all over the world. Each toy measures 7cm [2¾in] in height. Only bits of yarn and stuffing are required and about 10 grams [about 1/3rd of an ounce] of Plasticine.

Cowboy Bill and Cowgirl Kate. Howdy Pardners from the Wild West! Both dolls measure 19cm [7½in] in height, (including the hats) and the boots, legs, body and head are all knitted in one piece in the appropriate colours.

We have no doubt that Jean’s Mini Sports Car will end up as mascots dangling from rear-view mirrors. Perfect as presents for the men-folk, the car measures just 6cm [2 3/8in] in length and all the knitted pieces are straight strips of stocking stitch.

Castaway Knitting. Dream of a desert island where multi-coloured balls of yarn grow on a palm tree, then make the dream come true with this delightful knitted treasure. Jean designed Castaway Knitting as a miniature ornament for all the knitters who enjoy her patterns. The island measures 17cm [6¾in] from the base to top of the tree and the island base is 13cm [5in] across the diameter.

Mummy and Baby Ladybirds. Jean designed the Baby Ladybird first, but the little one looked a bit lost. So she made a larger version for the baby’s Mummy and both are extremely quick and easy to knit. Mummy measures 7cm [2¾in] from front to back, Baby measures 5.5cm [2¼in].

Pumpkin Pies. First she gave the pumpkin ‘arms’ and a witch’s pointy hat. Then the hat got a wee ghost tassel and a tiny spider was suspended from one ‘hand’. Another pumpkin arrived off the needles, with a broom stick and a miniature pumpkin for the hat tassel. Each pumpkin measures 6cm [2½in] in height. The pastry case and baking tin piece measures 9.5cm [3¾in] across the diameter at the top edge.

These cute Tiny Tortoises measure just 6cm [2 3/8in] across the shells, including the shell edgings.

Donut Delights contains patterns for six lovable Dolls which fit snugly into the Donuts. They can be made for a wide variety of celebrations and Jean has provided instructions and suggestions for various greetings captions to personalise the Donuts for particular gifts. Baby Girl and Boy Dolls are lovely mementoes for new born babies or toddler's birthdays and similarly, the Chef, Party Girl and Clown can also record details of the event. For Happy Christmas there is also a Snowman with his own tiny Christmas stocking containing a parcel. Then there is a Chef, Party Girl, Clown, and Snowman . Next on Jean's expanding donut related list, a Quartet of adorable Ducklings. Sure to be loved by youngsters and grown-ups alike, what could be more amusing than a Prehistoric Duckling or a Cowboy straight out of the Wild West? For Easter there is a also a Pretty Miss, with a flower-trimmed hat, a tiny purse and ringlets. Knowing Jean and her imagination, there was more to come and so up popped the Pop-ups! These little Toy Baubles will be ever so popular with the children. Pushed into the Donuts, only the caps are visible. Pull them out slowly and you first glimpse the eyes then surprise, surprise, the smiley faces are revealed. They can also be made for the Yuletide tree and there are four cap styles.

Dolly Mixtures contains patterns for eight adorable dolls, two cute doggies and a tiny teddy known as Snuggles. The dolls average 23cm (9in) in height, doggies are about 6cm (2½in) and Snuggles is only 5cm (2in) tall. With Jean's inimitable ability to create wondrous things from next-to-nothing, each doll can be made from around 70 grams (2½ ounces) of yarn oddments and 85 grams (3 ounces) of stuffing. For a very small outlay on materials, the end results are truly sweet little treasures.

Christmas Special. Exciting 28 page issue. Characters include Santa and Mrs Claus (of course), Cinderella Topsy-Turvy Doll, Christmas Stockings, Best Friends, a nativity scene with seven dolls and sheep, Christmas Tree Trimmings, Mr and Mrs Frosty (snow people), Little Robin Redbreast, Last-Minute Dolls, and more. Sizes to 14 inches, Nativity figures 8 inches.

Christmas Treasures is the second Jean Greenhowe Christmas book. This book is a 40 page special. This book has carolers, a peg doll, Poppet dolls to go on a wreath, a snowman, Christmas stockings, Jack Frost, pixies, a donkey to complement the nativity scene in the Christmas Special, and a lot more. The main characters are about 10 inches (25cm) high.

Jiffyknits introduces an exciting new craft using garter stitch strips. Using only garter stitch (knit every row) and strips or rectangles of knitting (no shaping) Jean Greenhowe has created an amazing collection of knitted items. From a plateful of food, bacon and eggs, sandwiches, cookies, and cakes to the Easter Bunny and chicks, robots, owls, fruit, flowers, monsters and mummies, and even the mummy's mummy! See the invisible man, and things that crawled out of the swamp. There are many more of these amazing creations - over 50 in all. This is great fun for young knitters and experienced knitters alike.

Topsy-Turnabout Doll Here is a wonderful Topsy-Turnabout doll which can be transformed like magic into four different Fairy Tale characters! By reversing the doll from back-to-front and turning upside-down, she can be changed from Little Red Riding Hood to Little Miss Muffet, then from Red Riding Hood's Gandmother to Old Mother Hubbard. The doll's four faces have different expressions and each has a cap or bonnet which hides the reversed face. There are numerous charming accessories and items of removable clothing appropriate to each character. Also included are lovable little pets — Grandma's White kitten, Old Mother Hubbard's dog, and Little Miss Muffet's spider. The doll measures 28cm [11 in] from the hem of the skirt to the top of the head which is on view.

Golfing Clown For golf enthusiasts and for those who enjoy collecting the Clown characters — here comes Binky Bunker, an amazing new member of the Red Nose Gang! Being new to the game of golf, Binky doesn’t know much about driving-off and putting, but in his dazzling outfit of checked plus-fours and rainbow striped sweater, he is sure to outshine everyone else on the golf course! Binky is free-standing and like the other Gang members is over 48cm (19 inches) in height.

Knitted Hedgehogs contains eight charming 10¼ inch (26 cm) characters with gift tags, to commemorate any occasion or celebration. The characters are a postman, sandwich board hedgehog, clown, town crier, baby boy, baby girl, Christmas hedgehog, and a chimney sweep. Add your own message to the doll to remember your special occasion.

Young Alf's Pals These figures are about 16 inches (40 cm) tall. There is Young Wilf dressed for a day at the beach (complete with a knitted crab), Young Sweetie with a lolly, candy apple and ice cream, Young Mabel all ready for a day bird watching, Young Elsie with hobby horse and skipping rope, and Young Ernie all set to entertain the cinema crowd with his pan lid, spoons and whistle.

Jemima-Jane and Friends. A charming collection of old-fashioned dolls and teddy bears. There are three knitted bears, the largest being 11 cm (4 1/4 inches) when sitting. There are three topsy-turvy dolls 17cm (6 3/4 inches) high, three fashion dolls 29 cm (11 1/2 inches) tall, and of course, Jemima-Jane, a 51cm (20 inch) old-fashioned ragg doll complete with a wardrobe of clothes. This is a wonderful dress-up doll.

Story Book Dolls. Eight delightful Knitted Characters. Robin Hood and Maid Marion, a fairy tale Prince and Princess, a Cowboy, and Pirate. Also included are a Christmas Tree Fairy and the Tooth Fairy, both with knitted wings.

Scarecrow Family. Seven knitted dolls and a baby's pushchair. These scarecrow dolls vary in size from 7 to 13 inches.

Little Gift Dolls. Eighteen delightful knitted characters. Characters include a clown, witch, pixie, soldier, Little Bo-Peep, chef, nurse, and many more. Each doll is about 7 inches high.

Toy Collection. Over twenty easy to knit designs. Projects include the Teddy Bears' Picnic, Sweet Little Snowballs, The Bunny Family, Christmas Tree Trims, Grandma and Grandpa Humpty Dumpty and more. Sizes vary up to 10 inches.

Knitted Animals. Irresistible soft toy designs. The duck family, puppy, Koala, Piglet, Bunny, Panda, elephants, penguin, whales, mice (all dressed up, of course), Puss in Boots, The Frog Family, kitten, and owl. Sizes vary to 9 inches.

MacScarecrow Clan. The Scottish Scarecrow Family. The clan includes Scotty, Morag, Scamp the dog, Wee Sproot, Baby Bonnie, Great Uncle Angus (with knitted bagpipes!), and Big Bobby. Sizes vary to 15 inches.

Knitted Clowns.The Red Nosed Gang! These guys have to be seen to be believed. They stand over 19 inches tall. There are six different designs. Sidney Slapstick, for example, is a painter and comes with paint pot, ladder, brush, glue pot, paste pot, and a pencil behind his ear. All knitted of course.

Tradesmen Clowns A great collection of tradesmen clowns and their tools.

Traditional Favourites. Teddy bears, Dolls, and Humpty Dumpties. There are four dolls, including Pierrot. These are 15 inches high. Two Humpty Dumpties, Bears, and Little Darlings. (7 inches high).

Mascot Dolls. Ten dolls with knitted display stands. The dolls average 9 1/2 inches in height. They are (British) Policeman, Lifeboatman, Footballer, Sailor, Fireman, Santa, Girl Guide, Nurse, Brownie, and Ballerina.

Little Dumpling Dolls. Part One - The Village Ladies. These ladies stand about 6 3/4 inches tall. There is Lady Letitia and her dog, Mrs Mopitup, Winifred and her Wool Shop (yes you can make balls of wool!), Daphne Dabble and her easel, and Miss Muffin's Tea Shoppe complete with tea pot and cakes.

Little Dumpling Dolls. Part Two - The Village Men. These men stand about 6 3/4 inches tall. Farmer Woolly, Harold the Handyman, Samual Sprout and a complete greengrocery shop including knitted vegetables, and a lot more.

Bazaar Knits.Forty Fund-raising novelties. Message medals, Babyface Brooches, Assorted Cacti, watches, flowers, candies, balloons, dolls and much more.