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A Word About Cookies

You cannot use the shopping cart system if your cookies are turned off. We put a cookie on your system only while you are using the shopping cart. This is so we can link you to your order. It can only be accessed by Yarn Forward. It is deleted when you check out of the system, or if you do not check out it will delete itself after seven days.

To see if your cookies are turned on, if you are using Netscape, click on Edit|Preferences|Advanced and set the cookies on. If you are using Internet Explorer click on View|Internet Options|Advanced and scroll down to Cookies.

If you keep selecting goods for your shopping cart, but the system says your cart is empty, then you probably have your cookies turned off.

How To Use The Shopping Cart

If you are buying a yarn or other products, you will see this under or close to the product
Select a Colour: Enter Quantity:
If there is a choice of colours, you will see the colour selection box. Clicking on the down arrow will show the available colours, and you can select one with your cursor. Click on the quantity box, and enter the quantity of this item you want to order. For items with no colour or size selection, you will see something like this:
Knitting Book - Enter Quantity:
Then click on "Add To Cart" and wait a few moments. You will then see a list of all the items you have ordered. It will look like this:


No sales are processed until you select CONFIRM at the checkout screen.
Your credit card is only charged when we ship the order.
Taxes and shipping if applicable will be added at the checkout.

Description Colour/Size QtyUnit Price Amount
Best YarnRed 003$3.49$6.98

Press BACK on your browser to continue shopping, or use the navigation bars on this page.
To correct your order, change the quantity and click on UPDATE
To delete an item, set the quantity to zero and click on UPDATE
Do NOT use the ENTER key on your keyboard!
If you are ready to checkout, click on the CHECKOUT button.
On the system, you can click on the quantity on the shopping cart, and change the quantity if you wish. To continue shopping click BACK on your browser or use the navigation bars at the top and bottom of the page.

You can see the contents of your cart at any time by clicking VIEW CART which appears in the navigation bar at the top and bottom of every page.

As you select additional items, they will be added to your cart. When you have completed your selection, click the CHECKOUT button. You will see a screen which asks you where the goods are to be shipped, and then you will see a screen which asks for the shipping data. This will include name, address, method of shipping, credit card number, and so on. All this data is encrypted for your security.

When you have entered your personal information you will see your name and shipping address, the method of payment, and your detailed order including shipping charges (if any) and taxes (if any).

Please check this screen carefully. If your shipping data is wrong, click on your browser's BACK button to correct it. If the order is wrong, click the VIEW CART button to correct it. If it is correct, first print the order using the PRINT function on your browser. Then select the CONFIRM button. This will send the order to Yarn Forward. Selecting the CANCEL button will delete your order. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the order.

We send you an e-mail to confirm your order.

You can leave the order process at any time, and even shut down your computer, and then come back and finish the order. We keep the "in process" orders for seven days before we delete them.

Happy Shopping!

YFCART Shopping Cart System designed and implemented by Yarn Forward Inc.
YFCART is a Trade Mark of Yarn Forward Inc.