Dear Friends and customers,

An update on the progress of the shut down of the Yarn Forward stores. For the last week I have been transferring stock from Kanata to Bank Street in order to consolidate the yarn stock. Now I still have quite a lot of stock left at Bank, with a little at Kanata, mostly in the chunky gauge. Certainly no sock yarn!. So in order to free up my retirement funds I am now discounting the remaining yarn by 40%. While I still like to boast of having the biggest yarn stash, and fibre is supposed to be good for you, I need my travel funds if I am going to get out there and explore the world. A lot of the remaining yarn takes relatively little to make beautiful winter accessories, so take advantage of me, while stock lasts, to get on with those winter projects. I know that summer is still ahead of us, but you won't see bargains like this come the Fall.

Also we are now prepared to sell off our floor model sewing machines at discounted prices. If you have been considering treating yourself to a high quality Husqvarna machine now is the time to do so. From our Opal 650 class room machines which we are selling for only $699.00, through to the top of the line Designer Epic which has an additional $1000.00 savings from our already discounted price, all of our machines have substantial savings, but still come with full warranty, and owners lessons. As many of you have already heard Jo-Ann is in the process of setting up her own Husqvarna dealership, and she will be taking responsibility for maintaining our relationship with our machine owners, assisted by Cathy Hamilton on software, and Matthew on servicing both Husqvarna machines and all of the miscellaneous machines from other sources.

We have been discovering bags and bags of knit samples as we sort out the mysterious shelves full of treasures hidden away in nooks and crannies in the stock room, and basement, and many of you have been treating yourselves to them for less than the price of the yarn. Also I still have piles of Ivar shelving from Ikea available at half the original price. And if any of you want the ultimate Yarn Forward keepsake I have both of the tables that have been the gathering place for our knitting lessons and Sit and Knit sessions at each store. Just right maybe for the cottage, or your youngsters just fleeing the nest!

Watch for my final news letter detailing plans for our final farewell.